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Abbaas Javed

Thief Steals Wallet And Shoes From Man Praying

A thief steals $120 and a pair of Jordans from a man praying at Brooklyn Heights Mosque

Muslim Women Confront Abusive Man

Muslim women were racially abused whilst walking down a street they post their confrontation to Facebook

Bosses Could Be Allowed To Ban Hijabs At Work

Hijabs should be banned from the workplace if other religious items are and EU Advisor states

Daughter Of Italian Ex Mp Finds Islam

Ex-Mp Francesco Barbato's Daughter Reveals on Facebook she has reverted to Islam

Halal Butchers Petrol Bombed

A halal butcher shop in Walsall has been attacked with a petrol bomb

Ramadan: Day 28

How will you spend you potential final day of Ramadan

Go Home! You're Not Welcome Here

Muslim Family in Lacock England allegedly told to go home by a white woman

Australian Tv Presenter Calls To Stop Muslim Im...

Austrailian Tv Presenter/Personality Sonia Kruger calls to stop all Muslim immigration, Australian's reacted with praise

Mourning The 30 Muslims Who Died In The Nice At...

Muslims gather to bury the 30 followers who passed away from the truck attack last week

Germany Struck By 3 Terrorist Attacks In 3 Days

Germany has seen a trio of atrocities occur over the weekend

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