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Muzaina Khan

Israeli Mosque Catches Alight

An 18th century Israeli Mosque is set alight after an electrical fault causes a fire

Army Vet Threatens To Cut Heads Off Muslims

A Watauga mosque was left a threatening voicemail message by man claiming to be an army veteran

Fight To Unban Hijabs On The Basketball Court

A petition with almost 92,000 signatures to re-allow Hijabis to play basketball should have all our interests

Mosque With Only Female Imams Opens In Denmark

Named the Mariam Mosque opens it doors in Denmark, catering primarily fo the needs of female Muslims

#illwalkwithyou Takes A Foot After Nyc Imam Dea...

Strangers have begun offering to walk with Muslims after the recent attack which left 2 dead including an Imam near a mo...

Man Arrested For Beating Student In Mosque

A man has been arrested after beating a student with a shoe leaving him with several welts

The Impact Of Frances Burkini Ban

We take a look at Frances recent Burkini ban's which occurred at 15 of Frances beach resorts

Mosque Door Bricked Shut By Vandals

Vandals have built a brick wall in the doorway of a mosque in a German town of Parchim

Man Demands Removal Of Hijab Wearing Woman's Im...

A man has voiced a complaint regarding an advertisement displayed on the side of a car showing a Muslim woman wearing a ...

Imam Found Guilty Of Groping Muslim Woman Insid...

Hafiz Abbasi, an Imam for a Manchester Mosque has been found guilty of groping a woman

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