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Muzaina Khan

Ramadan: Day 18

Ramadan, the only time Muslims have a date every night

Ramadan: Day 20

How was your 20th Iftar? does it compare to everyone else's?

Ramadan: Day 22

Only a week left for the big day, how have you prepared?

Ramadan: Day 24

24 days have passed leaving less than a week till Eids arrival

Ramadan: Day 26

How are you making the most of this quickly ending holy month?

Ramadan: Day 29

With only one day left for Ramadan, is you excitement growing for Eid?

Mosque Rejected As Polling Station After Compla...

A local Florida Islamic center has been rejected in use for the future election as 50 people complained

Cair Handout Islamophobin Gum Outside Of Rnc

CAIR hand out chewing gum to treat islamophobia outside of the Republican National Convention

Muslim Publicly Shamed And Removed From Plane

An American Airlines flight attendant called out a Muslim Passenger's name and said ‘I'll be watching you’ before re...

Greece Approves First Mosque In Athens

After years of objections from the Greek government finally decide to approve Athens first official mosque

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