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Muzaina Khan

Two Muslim Students Refuse Teachers Handshake

Two Swiss Muslim students are being forced to shake the hands of their teacher or their parent face a fine

Website Dedicated To Finding Muslim Men A Secon...

If that first wife wasn't enough a website is offering to help find you a second

Ramadan: Day 2

Was the second day harder than the first?

Ramadan: Day 4

Day 4 has come and gone

Ramadan: Day 6

what did Muslims eat on the 6th day of Ramadan?

Ramadan: Day 8

On the 8th day of Ramadan, what did you true love cook for you?

Ramadan: Day 10

We're already 1/3 of the way through Ramadan 2016!

Ramadan: Day 12

Another day of Ramadan another day for Iftar

Ramadan: Day 14

Two weeks completed, two more weeks to go!

Ramadan: Day 16

Is your Iftar spread better or worse than the ones inside?

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