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Awad Bari

Police Release Video Of A Muslim Women Being As...

Muslim Women has liquid poured over her and slurs shouted at her by a trump supporter outside of a Starbucks in Washingt...

Women Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Being Muslim...

7 Californian women sue Laguna Beach's Urth Caffe after being kicked out for being Muslim

Muslim Girl's Long Skirt Gets Her Sent Home

A Muslim student living in France is sent home due to her skirt being too long

Top Ten Muslim Superheroes

Our list of the top ten crimefighting Muslim comic book superheroes

Halal Food Market To Grow To 2.6 Trillion By 20...

The global halal market was valued at 1.8 trillion in 2014 and is expected to rise to 2.6 trillion in 2020

Customer Refused To Buy Cake From Muslim Baker

A customer cancelled a cake order after finding out the baker was Muslim

Uk's First Women-led Mosque Confirmed Being Bui...

Muslim Women’s Council official announced the development of the first Women-led Mosque in the UK

The Salaam Browser: Halal Web Browser

Browse online with safety, security and now piety

Ramadan: Day 1

What did Muslims around the world eat on the first day of Ramadan 2016?

Ramadan: Day 3

How did Muslims around the world spend their third day of Ramadan?

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