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Website Dedicated To Finding Muslim Men A Second Wife

If that first wife wasn't enough a website is offering to help find you a second is a matrimonial site for Muslim men and women who are looking to begin a polygamous relationship.

Who started it?

The site began in November 2014 and was launched by entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala, 33, a tech entrepreneur who became a millionaire by the age of 21. Azad Chaiwala is on a mission to break social boundaries of polygamous relationships and help change the perception of having multiple wives. Azad previously started a website titled which catered to hopefuls searching for polygamous relationships and now does the same thing but has a focus on Muslim relationships.

Is it Legal?

This is entirely dependent as to where you live and if you county's laws allow the act of polygamy. offer their services to all people who request it but don't take any responsibility for the actual marriage. The website promotes marriages as a symbolic act in the eyes of Allah and doesn't recommend you to sign any official marriage documentation for registration, as they state,  'Muslims who wish to practice it must accept that there is to be no legal signing of a marriage certificate or registration of the relationship as a marriage; especially if you are entering into a second, third, or fourth marriage.'

Pricing plan,
Pricing plan,

Is It Free?

There is a free aspect of the website where users can sign up and browse the site for potential partners but only paid members can see users photographs they've uploaded. To upgrade your account it costs £20($20, €20) a month or £15($15, €15) a month if you sign up for 3 months.

How do I contact other members?

Contacting other members works through messages, the free user get a maximum of 5 messages a day whilst members with a premium account can send an unlimited amount of messages to users.

Does the website consist of mainly male profiles?

Well, in short, yes. 70% of the accounts created on the site are of men seeking women whilst 30% of the other accounts are women willing to enter a polygamous relationship. Don't threat, if you are serious about finding an extra partner or be another partner in a relationship, the site boasts over 25,000 members. The majority of users are based in the UK/US and the site claims to have over 2 Successful marriages per week, hopefully not to the same guy.

Is it for you?

That's not really a question we can answer but assure their users highest level of safety. they also screen registered profiles so there are less fake profiles floating around.