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Top 5 Halal Food Trucks In The United States

This is our list of the 5 best food truck located in the United States

What are Halal Food trucks? Usually, they are trucks serving lamb and beef gyros or grilled chicken over rice drizzled with a homemade sauce and served with a pita and side of lettuce. All have similar items on the menu and serve generous portions but which are the best?

5 - Halal Grill Food Truck

Located at Washington, DC 20006

An exceptional food truck serving gyro over rice topped with a variety of sauces and walking distance from the white house. There are a variety of halal food trucks in the Washington DC area but if you're on a budget and want something of high quality, this place is a must.

4 - Halal Haven

Located at various locations in North Carolina

This food trucks popular for serving more than just gyro and grilled chicken it also serves south Asian staples such as Aloo Gosht, Biryani, and Nihari to name a few. You have to check their twitter account to find their most recent locations.

3 - Halal Food Cart

Located at 615 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Two things you can count on when you go to a Halal food truck, number 1, great tasting food, number 2, simple straightforward business names and Halal food Cart does both of these things to perfection.

2 - Tariq’s #1 Halal Food

Located at the NW corner of 19th St & Park Ave South, New York

Popular for it delicious chicken Biryani, Chicken tikka masala, and other south Asian treats. Tariq's #1 halal food has become popular in the New yYrok area, food highlights include the heavenly spiced sauteed fish over rice is a must try it might not be number one on our list it's still very much worth a taste.

1 - Halal Guys

Located at 53rd St. and 6th Ave. and other various locations in New York

A name that is unanimous with halal food trucks and arguably popularising the entire food truck cuisine in recent times. Halal guys comes in at number 1 on our list, serving its chicken/lamb and rice topped off with its famous white sauce and it's extremely hot red sauce. They have also diversified their business and opened a number of restaurants around the country.