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Muslim Girl's Long Skirt Gets Her Sent Home

A Muslim student living in France is sent home due to her skirt being too long

A former Catholic and now convert to Islam was sent home from her Catholic school, Lycee Flora Tristan located in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, France.

The pupil, whose name has been reported to be K De Sousa, 16, of Portuguese origin converted to Islam a year prior to this incident and began wearing a hijab. She takes off her hijab before entering the school due to the law passed in 2004 banning any religious garment being worn for religious reasons, reported by Islamophobie.

Lycee Flora Tristan School, Google Street View
Lycee Flora Tristan School, Google Street View

She was approached by her principal, who told her she could not enter the school. The day after this incident occurred, the girl was informed that her skirt was too long, which would make it 'obviously religious'. Fench laws allow for discreet religious items to be worn but the headmistress saw the skirt and thought that it was too religious due to its length. 

K de Sousa Mother, Marie-Christine de Sousa, intervened in the altercation and asked the headmistress to allow he back into the school the headmistress flatly refused and stated she would only be allowed back when she changes her attire, reported L'OBS.

Since the news was released a new hashtag has been trending, #JePorteMaJupeCommeJeVeux meaning 'I wear my skirt how I like'.

K de Sousa is set to go to her school to discuss the situation further with the headmistress.