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Top 5 Anti-islam Sites

We make our list of the top 5 sites dedicated to hating us

We take a look at the sites which have dedicated their time to disliking Islam and Muslims. Over the years, a number of sites have now become defunct these are the website who remain in their quest of hating us.

5 - The Religion Of Peace

This site comes in at number 5 because it's more of a link directory for Islamic themed articles rather than a site dedicated to writing their own articles. It regularly updates its list of terror attacks, which is pretty sweet.

4 -  Islam Watch

This site only posts around 2 articles a month but the articles are original articles written for the website, so it gets a higher spot on the list. Unfortunately or fortunately, it hasn't got much of an active viewership so it ranks lower on this list.

3 - Faith Freedom

Faith freedom ranks higher and produces 4-5 articles a month and its community is a lot more active.

2 - Bare Naked Islam

The least Aesthetically pleasing site to look at on this list but possibly the most active viewership, possibly more than number one. Most Anti-Islam sites have opted to go for a more professional look for their websites to make them seem more relatable but not this one they've opted to go head first into the whole burning skull, neo-nazi thing, good for them. They also sell t-shirts,for those who want to publicly endorse their affiliation with the anti-Islam movement, the site states the T-shirts  are "Real conversation ice-breakers", hilarious.

1 - Jihad Watch

The most famous site on the list and possibly the most popular it has also stood the test of time and has been around since 2003 . Jihad Watch was launched by Robert Spencer and boasts 3-5 articles a day, all of which with the focus in hating Islam, Spencer posts the majority of the articles on the site. It is also impressively run on donations and funding from readers.