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China's Crackdown On Muslims

We take a look at China's recent attempts on cracking down on Muslim Culture

Islam has been present in China since the 7th century. Both entities have had a turbulent relationship but in recent times, China has begun to crackdown on Muslim culture specifically for the Uyghur minority.

Chinese Uyghurs, Todenhoff
Chinese Uyghurs, Todenhoff/CCBY

There are two main Chinese Muslims in China The Hui and the Uyghurs. The Hui people reside in the northwestern provinces of china, are ethnically similar to the Chinese population and they are seen by the government to have better assimilated in the country.The Uyghurs predominantly reside in the northwest region in China called Xinjiang. They are a separate race from the Chinese and look mixed race and have both Chinese and Middle Eastern features.

Hui People of China, Nagarjun Kandukuru
Hui People of China, Nagarjun Kandukuru/CCBY

The Uyghurs community in currently endure bans for veils and head scarves whilst the Hui population of the Ningxia region have not had to endure hardships such as these. It is also noted that it easier for the Hui population to perform their Hajj but difficult for the Uyghur people as it's harder to get a passport. This has caused a growing tension between the two groups and also between the government.

A minority of the Uyghur population are actively fighting for autonomy from China through the East Turkestan Islamic movement and have been involved in 200 or more terrorist attacks. 

This has resulted in china banning Uyghur Muslims from partaking in Ramadan particularly students, teachers, and civil servants from fasting during the holy month. The Chinese government has also dictated which versions of the Quran are acceptable to read and which ones aren't.

The fight for China to keep the state secular and religion under control wages on.