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Far-right German Politician Quits Party And Converts To Islam

German politician Arthur Wagner, formerly part of the far right party Alternative for Germany (AFD), has converted to Islam

Arthur Wagner AFD
Arthur Wagner Leaves Far-right party after Converting to Islam,  AFD/Oxfordian Kissuth

Arthur Wagner, formerly the Vice-District Chief in Havelland, Germany, for the far-right political party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), has stepped down from his position after his conversion to the faith he once vehemently campaigned against.

His decision occurred earlier this month on January 11tth but had only recently been made public by the party spoke person Daniel Friese  who announced, ‘Mr. Wagner resigned on January 11 from the state board on his own volition, only afterward was it known that he had converted to Islam,’. Arthur has decided to stay as a member of the party but resigned from his position on the party's national executive committee.

Arthur Wagner has refused to speak to the press on his conversion ad he believes his change in faith to be a private matter, the party spokesperson confirming, ‘He does not want to speak with the press. He believes it is a private affair,

The district chairman Kai Berger has taken note of this decision: "Although we regret the development of Arthur Wagner and are not in full understanding of his decision, we expressly thank him for the work he's done in the past. His decision has now been made official. Many members now expect Wagner's party exit, but we will not put pressure on him. Of course, the AfD continues to be the political force against Islamization, which is taking place everywhere in society and from which it itself has not been spared.

The AfD became Germany’s third largest party in parliament after last September’s general election and has previously been noted calling for a ban on Burqas and minarets.