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Muslim Woman Beaten After Protecting Another Muslim Woman

A single mother was beaten by a white male harasser after she protected another Muslim woman

Mother Rahma Warsame battered
Mother Rahma Warsame battered, LaunchGood

On Sunday, June 4th, a single mother, Rahma Warsame, who resides Columbus, Ohio, was attacked by a white male and beaten until she fell unconscious after she protected another Muslim woman from the harasser, the police arrested the suspect but soon after released him back into the public without being charged.

At approximately 4 pm, a white man approached another Muslim woman and began to harras the lady, Rahma intervened to protect the woman, the white male began to hurl abuse at the working mother, screaming, “you all will be shipped back to Africa”.

He burst into a fit of rage and launched an attack towards the mother, hitting her several time until she fell unconscious. The attack resulted in facial fractures, four missing teeth, a badly swollen face, busted lips and a swollen nose. 

Witnesses at the scene stated that the alleged attacker was interviewed by the Columbus Police Department but astonishingly, was released without charge. Reports reveal that the attacker was known to have made racist statements in the past.

Rahma's 12-year-old son was left traumatized by the ordeal and is staying with relatives whilst his mother recovers in Riverside Methodist Hospital, where Rahma Worked.

Linda Sarsour has started a campaign on Launch Good to help alleviate any financial stresses for the single mother whilst she recovers in hospital. Linda's campaign has, so far, successfully managed to raise over $73,000 from 2412 supporters.

The Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) and other media sources are urging the local Police department to take the assault more seriously,