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Nike Unveils The Pro Hijab

Nike unveils a performacnce hijab for the professional Muslim athlete

Nike Pro-Hijab
Nike Pro-Hijab, Courtesy of Nike

Titled the "Nike Pro-Hijab"  the head covering, is unlike a regular cotton scarf, it is a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester. The material is made with tiny holes, allowing for air to travel in and out the garment, improving the breathability compared to a regular hijab. The head covering will come in a robust number of neutral colors, with the flagship color being black, proving to be stylish and practical for the hijab-wearing women.

The Pro-Hijab came could be foreseen by some, as a few weeks prior, Nike launched an advertisement in middle eastern countries featuring Muslim women who also happen to be professional athletes.

The Pro-Hijab, which has been in the works for over a year, currently it is scheduled to be only available for Nike Middle Eastern stores in Spring 2018, there has not been any mention of the product being available in western countries.

This news comes after Nike announced their new plus size range. The announcement of the hijab has also been received with positivity from social media with many praising the company, for their drive for inclusivity in their customer base and diversity in their product range.

Ofcourse, anything to do with Muslims comes with a band of trailing naysayers and scaremongers.

Will the Nike Pro-Hijab be the must have product for the Muslim Athlete? Or is it just a scarf with a Nike checkmark? We will have to see when it is available.