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Register As A Muslim Today

Website offers the chance to pledge to sign up as a Muslim if Trump rolls out a forced faith registry to single out Muslims

Register As A Muslim

Earlier in November 2015, during Donald Trump election run, he threatened Muslims to have to register themselves into a database. A website is now offering Non-Muslims the option to stand in solidarity with Muslims and pledge to register as Muslims together if the time comes.

New York Times reported, whilst campaigning in Newton, Iowa, Donald Trump was asked if he was open to requiring Muslims in the United States to register in a database, he replied, he “would certainly implement that — absolutely.” Trump agreed that force could be taken to make Muslims register. when questioned on where the registering station would be located he stated, “Different places. You sign up at different places. But it’s all about management. Our country has no management.’’

A new website called, Register US has been launched requesting Non-Muslims to pledge to stand in solidarity with Muslims if there ever does come a time when Muslims are forced to register their faith.

The Website reads,  "Donald Trump wants to require all Muslims to register in a government database. We must stand together to protect our neighbors and our most fundamental rights. Let's all pledge to register as Muslim today."

The website further states,  "Donald Trump has said he would 'absolutely' require all Muslims to register in a database. This is just one of Trump’s racist and Islamophobic proposals that threaten our ideals of freedom and equality. We must come together and fight back before he takes these dangerous, hateful and unconstitutional ideas any further."

The website since its launch has garnered almost 30,000 pledges to register as a Muslim. The pledges gained attention on social media with a number of people announcing their pledge:

Register US encourages united front against discrimination, "We pledge to stand together with Muslims across the country, and around the world. Because when we stand as one, no American can be singled out by their race, religion, income, gender identity, or sexual orientation."