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Family Branded Terrorists On Trip To English Seaside Town

A Muslim community recounts their experiences of intolerance and prejudice on their trip to seaside town of Skegness

Skegness Pier
Skegness Pier and Pleasure Beach, Paul Stainthorp/CCBY

One Muslim woman reported her story of abuse and intolerance towards her family and a group of friends whilst vacating on a beach holiday at British seaside town of Skegness.

The story was reported to TellMAMA(Tell Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), a group which provides UK-based Muslims a platform to report anti-Muslim and Islamophobic incidents.

A group of 12 Muslims from a  local community center traveled to Skegness for a day out to visit the Skegness seaside, 7 of the 12 Muslims were wearing hijabs.

As the group arrived at the seaside resort, they felt shared feelings of being watched as they walked through the town centre, until the prejudice in the area let itself be known by a man walking past a pub, "we noticed a lot of people just staring at us as if we were some form of aliens. It didn’t really bother us until we walked past the pub and a man shouted 'terrorists'."

The incident left the woman and her sister shocked at the man's vile outburst. The staring continued but the family decided to just smile in response to the glaring eyes.

The family entered a shop where the unfamiliarity with the Islamic faith became clearer. The shop keeper asked one of the women, "don’t you get hot in them", referring to the Woman's hijab, the hijabi replied , "no" and told the shopkeeper that the material was very thin.

Their trip to Skegness revealed to the family the type of ignorance Muslims receives in areas which hold a smaller population of people of the Islamic faith. The Muslim woman ended her story by expressing her disdain for Skegness, "This was our first family trip with our kids to Skegness and I don’t think I would like to go again seeing the behavior of the people there. It really made us sad and made us miss the area we are from and also made us reflect on how different people are in England."

These incidents of prejudice/hate usually come from areas/people who are less familiar with Muslims but are better versed with reports by the media of crimes committed by Muslims, creating fear and resentment.