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Muslim Opens Up About Being Kicked Off Plane

Three siblings were kicked off of an Easyjet flight after alledgedly being racially profiled by staff

Sakina Dharas
Sakina Dharas, Facebook

Three siblings, Sakina, Maryam and Ali Dharas are accusing the Easyjet staff and customers of profiling them after, a passenger saw one of the siblings reading a text in Arabic and accused the trio of being ISIS members.

Sakina Dharas has opened up about the incident in a post on Facebook, she details the incident which occurred on the EasyJet flight departing from Stanstead airport,  London, England towards, Naples, Italy. They explain how they have a regular journey to the airport, including a random check by security and a small seat mix-up they find their seat on their flight.

After being seated for a while they are approached by an air hostess who tells the three 'you're all to follow me' and giving them a finger wave. she leads them to the exit of the plane and points down a set of stairs where armed police officers and MI5 agents wearing suits are waiting below, telling the siblings, "'They want to see you'".

The police officers first question to the siblings,  "Do you speak English?'", flustered, Sakina replies, "We only speak English, officer. We were born and bred in England."

The officers explain that a passenger saw one of the three read something on their phones, and suspected them of being members of ISIS. Sakina explains to the officers, "Firstly, that's part of the Qur'an, our religious text, so even if we did have it, it wouldn't signify that we're a part of ISIS at all, but regardless, we've had nothing on our phone remotely Arabic related this morning. Also, we're Indian by ethnicity, so we wouldn't even have Arabic in conversation with anyone."

The siblings were questioned further for an hour detailing their flight history including , a trip to Hajj & Iraq.

The MI5 agents and police officers apologized for any inconvenience for them being stopped and explain that accusers are usually very frightened

The police give the all clear to the EasyJet staff and allow the sibling back onto the plane. Sakina writes, "What are my rights? We would only have been allowed back on the plane if there wasn't a shred of doubt on their part, so someone must be the liar here, in which case, why were those passengers not removed for wasting police time, LYING, making false allegations and racial profiling?"

You can read all of Sakina's thoughts regarding the stop in the post below.