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The Impact Of Frances Burkini Ban

We take a look at Frances recent Burkini ban's which occurred at 15 of Frances beach resorts

Burkini ban cannes
Burkini ban cannes, @FeizaK/Twitter

Local Governments have implemented Burkini bans in 15 coastal towns in France including Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Corsica. This attack on modest clothing has had repercussions on Muslim women who want to attend beaches in those towns.

If a Muslim woman is spotted wearing a burkini in any of the beaches she is given a fine or in some cases forced to remove the piece of clothing and opt for something less modest.

The video above shows a French police officer issuing a fine to a Muslim woman wearing a burkini whilst wading in the sea. The 34-year-old lady was with her young children spending  a day at La Bocca beach in Cannes. L'Obs reported, the police told her she had to pay a  €11 fine which she agreed to pay. What happened next was unexpected, a crowd gathered and began to taunt her while she was with her children and began shouting “go home”.

Another incident occurred in Nice, France where a Muslim woman is told by armed police officers that she must remove part of her clothing if she wants to lay on the beach. Whilst the police officers demanded the lady remove her clothing, the officers were carrying handguns, batons and pepper spray.

The Muslim women have not been abandoned in their fight for modesty, wealthy Algerian entrepreneur, Rachid Nekkaz, has stepped up and offered to pay for all the fines given to women who decide to wear a burkini where the ban is implemented. The Independent reported that the entrepreneur has payed out over €230,000 since the enforcement of the ban

The Sun in the UK has reported that Aheda Zanetti, the Australian woman who trademarked the Burkini, has claimed to have had a 200% increase in sales for her modest swimwear the burkini bans were enforced in France.