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Man Kills Neighbour After Believing He Was Muslim

Stanley Majors kills his Christian Arab neighbor, Khalid Jabara , after repeated threats of violence

Stanley Majors
Stanley Majors, Tulsa County Jail

Last Friday, 12th August, Stanley Majors, 61, killed his Arab Christian neighbor, Khalid Jabara, 37, after years of torment, racial abuse and believing he was Muslim.

After the death of Khalid Jabara, his sister, Victoria Jabara Williams released an official statement, explaining the background and history of Khalid Jabara's family and their relationship with neighbor Stanley Majors.

Stanley had a history of hatred towards Khalid Jabara and his family who are Arab Christians from Lebanon. Stanley would often racially abuse the family with offensive slurs, calling them, "dirty Arabs,” “filthy Lebanese,” “Aye-rabs,” and “Mooslems”. He was known in the area to have made racial slurs to people of various ethnicities including calling Hispanics, “filthy Mexican” as well as using the “n” word.

Khalid Jabara
Khalid Jabara, Facebook

Stanley Majors, in 2015 almost a year prior to the murder of Khalid Jabara ran over his mother leaving her with numerous injuries; a broken shoulder, a collapsed lung, a broken ankle, broken nose, head trauma, and fractured ribs. He was arrested for the crime and spent less than a year in prison.

Stanley Majors was released from jail in May 2016 for running over Khalid's mother and was awaiting trial, the Khalid family had many complaints that the attempted murder should have been classed as a hate crime and that his release from jail should have required some type of police monitoring.

Last Friday, Khalid called the police after Stanley began threatening him with a gun. Police officers arrived but they stated they could not do anything about the situation. Minutes, after the Tulsa police had left Stanley Majors, shot Khalid Jabara four times whilst he was standing on his front porch.

Below, is the full press release produced by Khalid Jabara's sister Victoria Jabara Williams.