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Mourning The 30 Muslims Who Died In The Nice Attacks

Muslims gather to bury the 30 followers who passed away from the truck attack last week

Out of the 84 victims of the Bastille Day attack which occurred last Thursday 14th, around 30 of the victims were Muslims. Yesterday on Tuesday, 19th July, Muslims and Non-Muslims gathered at an Islamic center in Nice to pay their respects and mourn death of their relatives and friends who had passed away.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the truck driver was of Tunisian Origin an estimated twenty of the Muslims involved in the attacks were also of Tunisian origin.

One of the victims of the attack was a four-year-old boy named Kylan who had passed away with his mother Olfa Khalfallah of Tunisian Origins. The boys father, Tamar Mejri told Euro News of how he spent the night by the side of his wife as she laid dead, “I only found my wife, on the ground, not moving, not talking, not doing anything: she was sleeping. I stayed with her all night until ten o’clock in the morning".

Nice attacks funeral
Prayers for the dead, Euronews

He spoke of how he had spent all night in a crazed state searching for his son's body to gain solace if his son was alive of dead. he soon met with a firefighter who had picked up his son's body where he had finally found relief  of his son's passing. Tamar told the firefighter, "For Pity’s sake, tell me if my son is alive or not? I want to know. Tell me!’ Now I am happy. I know where my son is. He is with God."

The unfortunate circumstance has brought some Muslims And non-Muslims together but the relationship between both parties show signs of degradation as a Muslim woman is verbally abused whilst paying her respects for the dead of the Nice attacks, below.