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Man Pulls Muslim Woman's Hijab In Restaurant

Abbaas Javed July 4th 2018

The police are looking for a man who allegedly pulled a Muslim woman's hijab whilst she was sitting in a restaurant

Four Britons Dead In Saudi Arabia Coach Crash

Abbaas Javed April 23rd 2018

Four British pilgrims were amongst the 18 dead when their coach crashed into an oil tanker in Saudi Arabia

Teacher Suspended For Video Of Student’s Hija...

Noora Sinai November 13th 2017

A teacher who worked for New Vision Academy Charter School, was suspended after video of her pulling a students hijab of...

Israeli University Lecturer Orders Muslim Girl ...

Muzaina Khan October 31st 2017

A lecturer at Bar-Ilan University kicked a student out of class after she refused to remove her hijab

Pregnant Woman Pulled Off Flight For Being Musl...

Noora Sinai October 6th 2017

A pregnant woman was pulled off a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore, she claimed she was profiled for being Musli...

Sweden Mosque Suspected To Be Arson

Halima Shafiqa September 27th 2017

A mosque in Orebro, Sweden was set alight the police are investigating the possibility of arson

Nouman Ali Khan Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Saahira Ibrahim September 24th 2017

Muslim Scholar has been accused of abusing his power and having inappropriate relations with a number of females

Police Raid Mosque With Shoes On

Abbaas Javed September 19th 2017

Police officers disregard proper custom and enter mosque with their shoes on for a minor offense

Woman Rants At Muslim Women Wearing Niqab In Al...

Annisa Naziha August 2nd 2017

A woman has an Islamophobic rant at a Muslim couple telling the husband he 'should not allow' his wife to wear a niqab i...

Woman Threatens Somali Woman Outside Of Walmart

Noora Sinai July 27th 2017

A white woman screams at Somali Muslim Women, 'We're Gonna Kill All Of Ya'

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