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Missing The Point: Subhan Allah On The Red Bus

Noora Sinai May 9th 2016

Are people missing the point of the Islamic Relief's advertisement on Britain's iconic red bus?


Muzaina Khan May 8th 2016

A new Muslim mayor causes the racist, fear-mongers to emerge but they are being subdued and hilariously mocked

Why Are There So Many Muslims In Prison?

Abbaas Javed May 6th 2016

We look at the increasing number of UK Muslims who find themselves behind bars

60% Of Germans Don't Want Islam In Germany

Noora Sinai May 6th 2016

Results from a poll reveal the majority of Germans believe there is no place for Islam in Germany

China's Crackdown On Muslims

Muzaina Khan May 4th 2016

We take a look at China's recent attempts on cracking down on Muslim Culture

London's First Muslim Mayor?

Noora Sinai May 4th 2016

An Introspective into Sadiq Khan, Labour's candidate For London's mayoral election

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