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Remembering Abdul Sattar Edhi

Mzlim July 11th 2016

Remembering the world's greatest humanitarian

Eid Around The World

Mzlim July 6th 2016

We take a look at Eid being celebrated around the world

How Did Muslims React To The Orlando Shooting?

Saahira Ibrahim June 13th 2016

What did Muslims have to say about the recent shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub?

British Muslim Captures Islamophobic Rant

Noora Sinai June 8th 2016

Another day and another Islamophobe is captured ranting on cam

Muslim Women Confront Abusive Man

Abbaas Javed June 1st 2016

Muslim women were racially abused whilst walking down a street they post their confrontation to Facebook

Islamaphobes Armed With Bullets Dipped In Pig B...

Noora Sinai May 30th 2016

Texas men dip bullets in pig blood to send Muslims straight to hell

Two Muslim Students Refuse Teachers Handshake

Muzaina Khan May 26th 2016

Two Swiss Muslim students are being forced to shake the hands of their teacher or their parent face a fine

Uk's First Women-led Mosque Confirmed Being Bui...

Awad Bari May 24th 2016

Muslim Women’s Council official announced the development of the first Women-led Mosque in the UK

How Muslims And Non Muslims See Each Other

Muzaina Khan May 18th 2016

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Ccentre concludes with interesting results

History Of Friday The 13th For Muslims

Abbaas Javed May 13th 2016

We take a look at famous historic events occurring on Friday the 13th & decide if they've been unlucky for Muslims

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