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Eid Around The World

Mzlim September 12th 2016

We take a look at Eid Al-Adha being celebrated around the world

Tips On Going To Umrah With Kids

Guest Blog September 9th 2016

Tips every Muslim should know before performing their pilgrimage to Mecca with children

Family Branded Terrorists On Trip To English Se...

Abbaas Javed September 2nd 2016

A Muslim community recounts their experiences of intolerance and prejudice on their trip to seaside town of Skegness

Muslim Opens Up About Being Kicked Off Plane

Abbaas Javed August 26th 2016

Three siblings were kicked off of an Easyjet flight after alledgedly being racially profiled by staff

The Impact Of Frances Burkini Ban

Muzaina Khan August 25th 2016

We take a look at Frances recent Burkini ban's which occurred at 15 of Frances beach resorts

Georgia County Residents Oppose Mosque

Noora Sinai August 24th 2016

Hundreds of opposers to planned mosque and cemetery gathered at Georgia Court House

Man Kills Neighbour After Believing He Was Musl...

Abbaas Javed August 18th 2016

Stanley Majors kills his Christian Arab neighbor, Khalid Jabara , after repeated threats of violence

#illwalkwithyou Takes A Foot After Nyc Imam Dea...

Muzaina Khan August 15th 2016

Strangers have begun offering to walk with Muslims after the recent attack which left 2 dead including an Imam near a mo...

Mosque With Only Female Imams Opens In Denmark

Muzaina Khan August 11th 2016

Named the Mariam Mosque opens it doors in Denmark, catering primarily fo the needs of female Muslims

Fight To Unban Hijabs On The Basketball Court

Muzaina Khan August 10th 2016

A petition with almost 92,000 signatures to re-allow Hijabis to play basketball should have all our interests

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