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Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016

Abbaas Javed October 31st 2016

We take a look at 2016's Muslim lifestyle expo

Muslims Use Synagogue For Prayer

Abbaas Javed October 27th 2016

Controversy sparks as Turkish travelers use an Israeli airport's synagogue as their prayer area

Worlds First Muslim Online Toy Store

Saahira Ibrahim October 26th 2016

Muslim mom opens up the world first Muslim toy shop selling halal products specifically for Muslim children.

Louis Smith Apologizes For Mocking Islam

Saleem Ammar October 13th 2016

Louis Smith the former Olympic athlete apologizes after a video of him mocking Islam struck social media

Muslims Report Stuff After The Trump Debate

Abbaas Javed October 11th 2016

Trump tells Muslims to report terrorists when they see them so Muslims begin to report Donald Trump

Hijab Challenge! Students Become Muslim For A D...

Annisa Naziha October 7th 2016

Fresno State University Students experience life as a Muslim for a day as they adopt Islamic head coverings.

Muslim Model And Former Miss Kyrgyzstan Wears H...

Abbaas Javed October 5th 2016

Aikol Alikzhanova shocks her Instagram followers and the world after she revealed her decision to wear the hijab

Politician Calls For Hijab Ban On Passport Phot...

Abbaas Javed September 29th 2016

Swiss far-right politician Walter Wobmann calls for the ban on religous headscarves in passport photos

Man Apologises For Bigots In Australia

Abbaas Javed September 20th 2016

An apology from an Australian towards Muslims for the behavior of society, the media and government

British Ambassador Converts To Islam, Performs ...

Karim Hafeez September 16th 2016

Simon Collis, British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Converts to Islam and performs the Hajj Pilgrimage

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