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The Muslim Ban In Full Effect

Annisa Naziha January 29th 2017

President Trump's Muslim Ban is in full effect, we take a look at the chaos which ensued

Muslim Family Receive Note From Neighbours Afte...

Awad Bari January 23rd 2017

A Muslim family receive a heartwarming letter from their neighbor to shot their support for them after Donald Trumps ina...

Australia Day Billboard Featuring Hijabs Causes...

Noora Sinai January 16th 2017

A billboard features two hijabis to advertise the forthcoming Australia day, people get mad on social media

Hajj And Umrah Packages

Guest Blog January 5th 2017

Al Hijaz Tours promise you well managed and comfortable journey

The World Over Estimates The Population Of Musl...

Muzaina Khan December 15th 2016

People imagine a higher Muslim population in their country than there actually is

Cowboy Holds Sign Outside Mosque

Saleem Ammar November 29th 2016

A man holds a sign reading 'you belong' outside of a mosque in Texas

Hijabi Defense Classes To Defend Against Hijab ...

Saahira Ibrahim November 22nd 2016

A 24-year-old hijabi has started defense courses tailored for hijab wearers t prevent against hate crimes

Register As A Muslim Today

Abbaas Javed November 21st 2016

Website offers the chance to pledge to sign up as a Muslim if Trump rolls out a forced faith registry to single out Musl...

Muslim Highschool Teacher Told To Hang Herself ...

Annisa Naziha November 15th 2016

A Muslim high school teacher is left a threatening note telling her to hang herself by her hijab

Someone Leaves A Heart Warming Letter Outside A...

Abbaas Javed November 11th 2016

A Reddit user posts an image of a kind note left by an anonymous person hoping that the next few months are peaceful for...

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