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Far-right German Politician Quits Party And Con...

Abbaas Javed January 26th 2018

German politician Arthur Wagner, formerly part of the far right party Alternative for Germany (AFD), has converted to Is...

Confessions Of A Hijabi: How I Found My Voice A...

Guest Blog January 9th 2018

Sarah Ghanem of Modanisa speaks on the struggles of her reversion to Islam and how she refound her voice

6 Halal Ideas For A Fun Evening With Family Or ...

Guest Blog November 28th 2017

Our guest blogger Sarah Ghanem returns and gives ideas for having fun with family or friends

A Muslim Girl’s Perspective On Self-love And ...

Guest Blog July 27th 2017

Sarah Ghanem Of Modanisa gives her perspective on Self-Love and Self-Assertion

Girl Asks Dad If She Can Remove Her Hijab

Saahira Ibrahim April 19th 2017

A Muslim girl asks her dad in a text conversation if it is OK for her to remove her hijab

14 Year Old Muslim Girl Leaves Touching Letter ...

Annisa Naziha April 4th 2017

A 14-year-old Muslim girl leaves a heartfelt letter on a london bus for a stranger to read

Muslim Raise Over £20,000 For The London Attac...

Karim Hafeez March 24th 2017

Muslim group, Muslims United for London, have managed to raise over £20,000 for the families of the victims of the terr...

European Court Allows Employers To Ban Hijab

Halima Shafiqa March 16th 2017

The EU court have ruled in favor of employers regarding wearing religious garments at work

How To Choose Your Hajj Or Umrah Agent Wisely?

Guest Blog February 9th 2017

Muhammad Tanveer from Al Hijaz Tours gives tips on choosing the right agent for your next Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage

Impact Of The Quebec Mosque Shooting

Abbaas Javed January 31st 2017

Recently two gunmen killed 6 members of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday night, we look at the impact

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