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Man Pulls Muslim Woman's Hijab In Restaurant

The police are looking for a man who allegedly pulled a Muslim woman's hijab whilst she was sitting in a restaurant

Four Britons Dead In Saudi Arabia Coach Crash

Four British pilgrims were amongst the 18 dead when their coach crashed into an oil tanker in Saudi Arabia

Teacher Suspended For Video Of Student’s Hijab Being Ripped Off

A teacher who worked for New Vision Academy Charter School, was suspended after video of her pulling a students hijab off went viral

Israeli University Lecturer Orders Muslim Girl To Remove Hijab In Class

A lecturer at Bar-Ilan University kicked a student out of class after she refused to remove her hijab


Boxer Anthony Joshua Recieves Anti Muslim Abuse After Photo In Mosque

Undefeated IBF heavyweight title holder Anthony Joshua receives a torrent of abuse after tweeting a picture inside a mosque in Dubai

Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

After deleting all of her photos on Instagram speculation has started whether Lindsay Lohan has become a Muslim

Best Of Mzlim 2016

A countdown of the most popular Mzlim articles of 2016

Barakah Hills, Peppa Pig For Muslim Children

A Muslim group is trying to raise money to make a halal version of Peppa pig, which features Muslim school children instead of a pig

Life & Opinions

Far-right German Politician Quits Party And Converts To Islam

German politician Arthur Wagner, formerly part of the far right party Alternative for Germany (AFD), has converted to Islam

Confessions Of A Hijabi: How I Found My Voice And Happiness

Sarah Ghanem of Modanisa speaks on the struggles of her reversion to Islam and how she refound her voice

6 Halal Ideas For A Fun Evening With Family Or Friends

Our guest blogger Sarah Ghanem returns and gives ideas for having fun with family or friends

A Muslim Girl’s Perspective On Self-love And Self-assertion

Sarah Ghanem Of Modanisa gives her perspective on Self-Love and Self-Assertion


Halal Truck Pelted With Eggs Containing F*** Muslims Note

farid Grill halal truck was pelted with eggs, the eggs contained notes with the messages reading 'F*** Arab. F*** Muslim,'

Muslim-owned Restaurant Serving Free Christmas Dinner For Homeless People

A Muslim owned restaurant is feeding the homeless and elderly with a 3-dourse meal on Christmas day.

The 2016 London Halal Food Festival

We take a look at the London Halal Food Festival which occurred over the past weekend.

Hanson's Halal Snack Pack

Soul Burger makes a stand against anti-Islamic bigotry in their own special way


Modest Fashion: Getting Ready For Summer

Sarah Ghanem's fashion tips for the modest fashionista getting ready for the summer

Nike Unveils The Pro Hijab

Nike unveils a performacnce hijab for the professional Muslim athlete

First Major Department Store To Sell Hijab And Abayas In The Uk

UK Department store Debenhams has signed a deal with Aab Collection to sell a range of modest clothing for Muslim women

World Hijab Day 2017

We take a look at the impact of the annual World Hijab Day on 1st February 2017

Latest Articles

Muslim Raise Over £20,000 For The London Atta...

Karim Hafeez March 24th 2017

Muslim group, Muslims United for London, have managed to raise over £20,000 for the families of the victims of the t...

Serial Mosque Thief On The Loose

Saleem Ammar March 20th 2017

Police are suspecting a string of mosque robberies to be related

European Court Allows Employers To Ban Hijab

Halima Shafiqa March 16th 2017

The EU court have ruled in favor of employers regarding wearing religious garments at work

Intruder Tears Several Copies Of The Quran At ...

Saleem Ammar March 15th 2017

A man breaks into Tucson mosque and destroys numerous copies of the Quran and scattered pieces around the mosque

Man Tries To Burn Store He Thought Was Muslim ...

Annisa Naziha March 13th 2017

Florida man believes he was 'doing his part' when he tried to set alight a business he believed was Muslim-owned

Nike Unveils The Pro Hijab

Saahira Ibrahim March 8th 2017

Nike unveils a performacnce hijab for the professional Muslim athlete

Multiple Threatening Letter Sent To Mosques By...

Halima Shafiqa March 7th 2017

A number of mosques have received threatening letter sent from Sheffield, England, by a person calling himself the "M...

Mosque Receives Threatening Note, Kill All Mus...

Muzaina Khan March 3rd 2017

A Virginian Mosque receives a threatening note, suspected from the UK, reading 'Kill All Muslims', and a pig defecati...

Cair Offers $5000 Reward To Find Mosque Arsoni...

Abbaas Javed February 27th 2017

Tampa Mosque was set alight last Friday, CAIR has offered $5,000 to anyone who can provide information in finding the...

Muslim Woman Stripped Of Her Hijab By Nypd

Annisa Naziha February 22nd 2017

A Muslim woman claims that she was wrongfully arrested by the NYPD and they forcefully removed her hijab in front of ...

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