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Halal Truck Pelted With Eggs Containing F*** Mu...

Abbaas Javed August 11th 2017

farid Grill halal truck was pelted with eggs, the eggs contained notes with the messages reading 'F*** Arab. F*** Muslim...

Muslim-owned Restaurant Serving Free Christmas ...

Noora Sinai December 7th 2016

A Muslim owned restaurant is feeding the homeless and elderly with a 3-dourse meal on Christmas day.

The 2016 London Halal Food Festival

Abbaas Javed August 22nd 2016

We take a look at the London Halal Food Festival which occurred over the past weekend.

Hanson's Halal Snack Pack

Saahira Ibrahim August 2nd 2016

Soul Burger makes a stand against anti-Islamic bigotry in their own special way

Ramadan: Day 29

Muzaina Khan July 5th 2016

With only one day left for Ramadan, is you excitement growing for Eid?

Ramadan: Day 28

Abbaas Javed July 4th 2016

How will you spend you potential final day of Ramadan

Ramadan: Day 27

Awad Bari July 3rd 2016

1 or 2 more fasts left, how are you going to make the most of it?

Ramadan: Day 26

Muzaina Khan July 2nd 2016

How are you making the most of this quickly ending holy month?

Ramadan: Day 25

Awad Bari July 1st 2016

The last Jummah of Ramadan, make it a good one!

Ramadan: Day 24

Muzaina Khan June 30th 2016

24 days have passed leaving less than a week till Eids arrival

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