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The Hijabi Cosplayer

Noora Sinai August 4th 2016

The Hijabi Hooligan strikes back against evil doers

#meninhijab, Iranian Men Protest

Noora Sinai July 29th 2016

Husbands, fathers, and brothers are wearing the hijab in protest for hijabs forced modesty policy

Mango Release A Collection For Ramadan

Noora Sinai May 27th 2016

Clothing store Mango are set to release a collection for the month of Ramadan, designed for Muslim women

100 Years Of Hijab Fashion

Saahira Ibrahim May 24th 2016

MuslimGirl present to you, 100 years of hijab fashion

The Opening Of Americas First Islamic Clothing ...

Muzaina Khan May 19th 2016

Verona Collection opens it first store, making it the first store in America to sell Islamic clothing

Istanbul's Modest Fashion Week

Saahira Ibrahim May 16th 2016

We take a look at new outfits and trends that emerged from Istanbul's modest fashion week

This Is How People All Around The World Celebra...

Noora Sinai May 12th 2016

World Keffiyeh day is celebrated to show solidarity with Palestine

Hijarbie: The Muslim Barbie

Muzaina Khan May 10th 2016

A Barbie in a Hijab? Am I dreaming? Not anymore

Never Do This!

Saahira Ibrahim May 6th 2016

Please stop putting your phones in your hijab

5 Muslim Beard Grooming Tips

Abbaas Javed May 4th 2016

Here are the official Muslim Beard grooming tips

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