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Colin Kaepernick: I'm Not Muslim, Rumors Fueled...

Abbaas Javed September 8th 2016

American Football player Colin Kaepernick denies rumors of his conversion to Islam, says rumors are due to Islamophobia

Unveiling Of Lego Model Of Sheikh Zayed Grand M...

Noora Sinai September 7th 2016

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque built in Legoland Dubai is almost as good as the real thing

Social Experiment Of A Muslim Being Abused

Awad Bari August 17th 2016

Youtuber/Blogger Fahim Miah tries to see if the public would come to his aid if he was racially abused whilst praying

Muslim Olympian Loses But Makes History

Abbaas Javed August 10th 2016

Ibtihaj Muhammad has made history competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics but sadly has been knocked out of the running for a...

Review: The Halal Dining Club App

Saahira Ibrahim July 15th 2016

Is this new halal restaurant app worth the download?

Remembering Muhammad Ali

Mzlim June 6th 2016

Remembering "The Greatest Of All Time"

Website Dedicated To Finding Muslim Men A Secon...

Muzaina Khan June 3rd 2016

If that first wife wasn't enough a website is offering to help find you a second

The Shampoo Summit: Bringing Faiths Together

Saahira Ibrahim May 31st 2016

A Short documentary of a hair salon in Israel featuring the lives and interactions of Muslim, Christian and Jewish women

The Salaam Browser: Halal Web Browser

Awad Bari May 27th 2016

Browse online with safety, security and now piety

Revert Cricketer Wayne Parnell Gets Married

Muzaina Khan May 23rd 2016

South African Cricketer Wayne Parnell gets Married To Fashion Blogger Aisha Baker

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