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Boxer Anthony Joshua Recieves Anti Muslim Abuse...

Halima Shafiqa January 19th 2017

Undefeated IBF heavyweight title holder Anthony Joshua receives a torrent of abuse after tweeting a picture inside a mos...

Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

Abbaas Javed January 17th 2017

After deleting all of her photos on Instagram speculation has started whether Lindsay Lohan has become a Muslim

Best Of Mzlim 2016

Abbaas Javed January 2nd 2017

A countdown of the most popular Mzlim articles of 2016

Barakah Hills, Peppa Pig For Muslim Children

Karim Hafeez December 9th 2016

A Muslim group is trying to raise money to make a halal version of Peppa pig, which features Muslim school children inst...

The Hijab Emoji Is Coming!

Noora Sinai November 14th 2016

The Hijab Emoji makes its way onto the iPhone in early 2017

Airline Mocks Trump's Ban On Muslim Immigration

Abbaas Javed November 9th 2016

Royal Jordanian takes a dig at Donald Trump as his Presidency looms closer

Morgan Freeman Pays A Surprise Visit To A Mosqu...

Abbaas Javed October 14th 2016

The Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman pays a surprise visit to a London Mosque to celebrate Ashura

Hijabi Woman Is Featured In Playboy

Muzaina Khan September 26th 2016

Noor Tagouri, an American journalist is featured in Playboy's October "Renegades" issue

Hijabi Graces The Frontpage Of Women's Running ...

Noora Sinai September 23rd 2016

A Hijabi has become the first hijab-wearer to be featured on the cover of a Health and fitness magazine

Campaign For The Hijab Emoji

Annisa Naziha September 14th 2016

A 15-year-old girl has begun a campaign to introduce the hijab emoji to represent Muslim women

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