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London's First Muslim Mayor?

An Introspective into Sadiq Khan, Labour's candidate For London's mayoral election

Sadiq Khan, Policy Exchange
Sadiq Khan, Policy Exchange/CCBY

Who is Sadiq Khan?

He is the son of Pakistani immigrants, born in South London on the 8th October 1970. He studied Law at the University of North London and trained as a Solicitor, specialising in Human Rights. He began his political career in 1994 when he became a Councillor for the Borough of Wandsworth, representing Tooting. He slowly climbed up the ranks when in 2008, Gordon Brown appointed him the position of Minister of Communities. He has since moved from position to position up the political ladder and today we find him as Labours selected candidate in 2016's London's mayoral election.

Who are his competitors?

Sadiq Khan is pitted to be in first place to win the mayoral elections as a result of a pre-ballot conducted by YouGov, showing him winning by a landslide. The Conservative candidate for the mayoral election is Zac Goldsmith, who in the poll came second place in a pre-election vote. Another famous name in politics is George Galloway who again is trying his hand in the mayoral election, but with an actual Muslim candidate in the race, George is struggling to hold on to his appeal for the 'Muslim Vote'

Why is he so Popular?

My personal opinion on why he is so popular is because he is one of the few on the list that has received media attention in the past especially compared to Zac Goldsmith. Zac Goldsmith's lack of likeability also hinders his ability to connect with the voters and resulted in him losing in most fields in the YouGov polls. I feel like his popularity can be summed up by the saying 'the devil you know is better than the devil you don't'.

Is being Muslim enough for you?

I can speak for myself by saying, no, Sadiq Khan just seems like a guy being used to appeal to minorities, I'd rather vote for a guy that actually appeals to minorities in London.