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Ramadan: Day 27

1 or 2 more fasts left, how are you going to make the most of it?

Ramadan Day 27

The month of explaining to non-Muslims that you don't eat and drink between sunrise and sunset as they shockingly remark "Not even water?" is almost coming to an end.

One question, how have Muslims been breaking their fast?

Pro tip: use plastic plates and cups to avoid cleaning dishes when your belly is full

Clockwise from top left: Kebabs duh!, baked eggplants, shakshuka and apple cake

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Ramadan, the month to discover the different food items you can stuff into a spring roll

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Stuffed courgettes

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Sweet carbs, Savoury carbs, big carbs, small carbs, funny-shaped carbs and stuffed carbs

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Luckily, in our culture it's perfectly acceptable to place a cooked animal on a bed of rice in the exact position it died in

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This seems like a fun Iftar

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Grilled fish!

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Malaysian crab curry

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The table of everything

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Croissants and Japanese food, why not?

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That one person who always wants to stand on a chair to take a picture

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