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Resturant Owner Puts Up A Muslims Get Out Sign

Muzaina Khan September 21st 2016

A family restaurant owner has put a 'Muslims Get Out' sign as a retaliation against recent stabbings in Minnesota

Attempted Arson At Edinburgh Mosque

Saleem Ammar September 19th 2016

Edinburgh Mosque has been subjected to an attempted arson attack, the arsonist has not been found

Muslim Woman Tourist Set Alight In New York

Saleem Ammar September 13th 2016

A Muslim woman wearing an Islamic dress is set alight whilst walking past a upmarket boutique

Not Guilty! Muslim Faced Life Imprisonment Afte...

Saleem Ammar September 9th 2016

Yousef Mohammad Muslet was accused of burglary & battery after a conversation with a man about Allah and a handshake

Hairdresser Could Face Jail After Refusing Hija...

Muzaina Khan September 6th 2016

Norwegian hairdresser appears in court after refusing to serve hijab-wearing patron

Imam Found Guilty Of Groping Muslim Woman Insid...

Muzaina Khan September 5th 2016

Hafiz Abbasi, an Imam for a Manchester Mosque has been found guilty of groping a woman

Mankato Mosque's Sign Vandalised In Daylight

Noora Sinai September 1st 2016

A brazen vandal damages the Mankato mosque's sign and replaces it with a 'for lease' sign

Man Demands Removal Of Hijab Wearing Woman's Im...

Muzaina Khan August 31st 2016

A man has voiced a complaint regarding an advertisement displayed on the side of a car showing a Muslim woman wearing a ...

Mosque Door Bricked Shut By Vandals

Muzaina Khan August 30th 2016

Vandals have built a brick wall in the doorway of a mosque in a German town of Parchim

French Michelin Starred Restaurant Refuses To S...

Awad Bari August 29th 2016

French Restaurant Le Cenacle refuses to serve Muslim customers because 'all Muslims are terrorists'

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