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To The Children Of Satan, Threatening Letter Se...

Annisa Naziha November 28th 2016

Three mosques in California have received a letter from an anonymous source calling for Muslims to leave the USA

Schoolchild Grabbed By Neck, Called Bad Muslim ...

Karim Hafeez November 24th 2016

A school is under investigation after allegations of a teacher discriminating and assaulting a 5-year-old boy

Lupus Suffering Non Muslim Woman Called Hijab W...

Muzaina Khan November 18th 2016

A California woman who wears a head covering due to suffering from lupus is struck by a hate crime

Slow Response On Muslim Student's Hijab Being P...

Halima Shafiqa November 16th 2016

A Muslim students headscarf was pulled, Northdale Middle School officially responded to the incident 4 days later

Student Robbed Of Wallet, Hijab Near Campus By ...

Halima Shafiqa November 10th 2016

A Student was knocked to the ground and had her hijab snatched from her head by two white males, one wearing a trump hat

Man Arrested For Posting Threats To Burn Mosque...

Noora Sinai November 7th 2016

A facebook user has been arrested after leaving comments threatening to burn mosques down

Muslim Association's Sign Spray Painted Over Wi...

Annisa Naziha November 4th 2016

University of Minnesota Muslim association's sign has been spray-painted with 'ISIS' graffiti

Islamic Center Vandalized In Florida

Karim Hafeez November 3rd 2016

A Florida-based mosque's sign is vandalized with the words, F*** Islam and F*** ISIS

2 Men Jailed For Throwing Bacon In Mosque And A...

Halima Shafiqa November 2nd 2016

two men have been convicted of a hate crime of throwing bacon into a mosque and at worshippers during Oktoberfest

5 Men Convicted For Mosque Arson Attack

Halima Shafiqa October 28th 2016

Five men have been convicted of arson with a terrorist intent on a mosque in Netherlands

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