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A Man Tries To Set Himself Alight In Mecca’s ...

Noora Sinai February 8th 2017

A man described as mentally disturbed, tried to set himself alight next to the kaaba

Muslim Officer Beaten And Bullied By The Nypd

Abbaas Javed February 7th 2017

A Muslim Police officer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the NYPD claiming she was beaten and bullied by other...

Texas Mosque Burned To The Ground

Awad Bari January 30th 2017

Victoria Islamic Centre was burned to the ground, Money has been raised on GoFund ME to rebuild

Man Kicks Hijab Wearing Muslim Delta Airline Wo...

Muzaina Khan January 27th 2017

Robin A Rhodes chased and assaulted a hijab-wearing Muslim Delta airline employee at New York's JFK Airport, he faces ha...

Woman Drapes Door Handles With Bacon And Break ...

Abbaas Javed January 24th 2017

A woman was caught on CCTV placing bacon on the door handles and breaking six windows of a mosque in Davis, California

Homeless Man Charged For The Arson Of Bellevue ...

Abbaas Javed January 18th 2017

Isaac Wayne Wilson has admitted his involvement in the fire destroying Washington's Bellevue mosque

Anti Islam Pastor Home Vandalised With Anti Mus...

Halima Shafiqa January 12th 2017

A local pastor who is against a mosque development in New Jersey has his home vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti

Muslim Girls Must Swim With Boys In Switzerland

Annisa Naziha January 11th 2017

European Courts have allowed Switzerland to force Muslim girls to swim in mixed swimming lessons

Pig Snout Left At Mosque Near Cape Town

Awad Bari January 9th 2017

A pig snout was left on a gate in a mosque near Capetown

Casual Man Calls Group Of Muslims Bunch Of Terr...

Saleem Ammar January 4th 2017

A man allegedly calls a group of Muslims a bunch of Muslims and casually denies it when he is recorded on cam

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