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Teen Spits On Muslim Girl, Tries To Pull Off He...

Awad Bari May 22nd 2017

A teenage boy spat on his female Muslim classmate and then tried to pull off her hijab whilst they were in an elevator

Fire Department Captain Suspended Over Racist P...

Karim Hafeez May 17th 2017

Captain Tim Goodman of Detroit fire department has been suspended over racist and islamophobic posts he made on Facebook

Trump Supporter Harasses Muslim Family At The B...

Karim Hafeez May 12th 2017

A Trump Supporter confronts a Muslim family at the beach and abuses them with a drunken racist tirade

Teacher Fired For Ripping Off Muslim Girl's Hij...

Halima Shafiqa May 11th 2017

A substitute teacher working in the Bronx has been fired after he ripped off an 8-year-old Muslim girls hijab

A Muslim Woman Is Harrased At Trader Joes

Abbaas Javed May 8th 2017

A Muslim woman is harassed by an Islamophobic lady at Trader Joes, she is told, 'I wish they didn't let you in the count...

Brooklyn Mosque Heavily Damaged In Blaze

Noora Sinai April 24th 2017

Police are investigating the cause of a fire which gutted a Brooklyn mosque, no one was injured

Cair Recieves Page Of The Quran Smeared In Fece...

Abbaas Javed April 18th 2017

Muslim advocacy group CAIR received a hate letter including a page of the Quran smeared with possible feces

Muslim Woman Beaten And Stabbed For Her Hijab

Muzaina Khan April 13th 2017

A Muslim woman in Milwaukee was dragged on the sidewalk, beaten and stabbed, so the suspect could remove her hijab

Man Claims To Hate Muslims, Stabs And Bites Man

Awad Bari March 29th 2017

Man arrested after he tried to stab a man in the neck, he claims to the police that he hates Muslims

Muslim Home Vandalised, Quran Torn Up

Abbaas Javed March 29th 2017

Burglars broke into a Muslim family home, and scratched F*** Muslims on the wall as well as tearing a Quran to shreds

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