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Burned Quran Stuffed With Bacon Handcuffed Outs...

Annisa Naziha June 27th 2017

A burned Quran was handcuffed outside mosque in California, this comes days after a Quran was found stuffed with bacon

Muslim Teenage Girl Kidnapped And Murdered Outs...

Karim Hafeez June 19th 2017

A Muslim teen girl who had been making her way back home from a mosque had gone missing, she has been found murdered in ...

Van Driver Targets Muslims

Abbaas Javed June 19th 2017

A van driver plows through a number of worshippers outside of Finsbury Park mosque in London

Bronx Mosque Targeted By Pellet Gun Shooter

Karim Hafeez June 13th 2017

Masjid Ebun Abass and it worshippers were the target of a sniper using a pellet gun

Muslim Woman Beaten After Protecting Another Mu...

Muzaina Khan June 5th 2017

A single mother was beaten by a white male harasser after she protected another Muslim woman

Mosques Vandalised After The London Attacks

Karim Hafeez June 5th 2017

Multiple mosques have been vandalized after the attacks in London which left seven dead

Pigs Head And Remains Found At Site Of Future M...

Noora Sinai May 31st 2017

The remains of a rotting pig were left on stakes at the site of a future mosque

Man Converts To Islam, Kills Neo-nazi Roommates

Abbaas Javed May 23rd 2017

A former White Supremacist converts to Islam, he kills his two Neo-Nazi roommates for blaspheming against Islam

Teen Spits On Muslim Girl, Tries To Pull Off He...

Awad Bari May 22nd 2017

A teenage boy spat on his female Muslim classmate and then tried to pull off her hijab whilst they were in an elevator

Fire Department Captain Suspended Over Racist P...

Karim Hafeez May 17th 2017

Captain Tim Goodman of Detroit fire department has been suspended over racist and islamophobic posts he made on Facebook

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