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Ramadan: Day 23

Awad Bari June 29th 2016

This time, next week might be Eid!

Ramadan: Day 22

Muzaina Khan June 28th 2016

Only a week left for the big day, how have you prepared?

Ramadan: Day 21

Awad Bari June 27th 2016

Exactly three weeks have passed since the start of Ramadan, how has it been for you?

Ramadan: Day 20

Muzaina Khan June 26th 2016

How was your 20th Iftar? does it compare to everyone else's?

Ramadan: Day 19

Awad Bari June 25th 2016

19 days have come and gone, leaving a week and a half left till eid

Ramadan: Day 18

Muzaina Khan June 24th 2016

Ramadan, the only time Muslims have a date every night

Ramadan: Day 17

Awad Bari June 23rd 2016

Iftar and Ramadan continue for the 17th day, what did Muslims eat?

Ramadan: Day 16

Muzaina Khan June 22nd 2016

Is your Iftar spread better or worse than the ones inside?

Ramadan: Day 15

Awad Bari June 21st 2016

The halfway point for Ramadan has come and gone

Ramadan: Day 14

Muzaina Khan June 20th 2016

Two weeks completed, two more weeks to go!

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